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WBSC Refund Policy


A player who wants to cancel his/her registration shall send an Official Request via e-mail to the President of WBSC ([email protected]).  The date that the e-mail is sent will be the official date used for determining potential refund; a verbal request is NOT viewed as an Official Request.  See below for Official Refund Request instances and corresponding Refund Schedule:

  • Preseason Request**:  If a registered player decides to not participate in the upcoming season and the request is made before the first game.
  • Relocation Request**: If a registered player moves farther away from the area which is considered 35 miles radius from WBSC, Jolliff Middle School.  
  • Injury Request**:  If a registered player suffers a serious injury or disabling illness that prevents him/her from playing the duration of the season.  


**All requested will be VOIDED by acts of war, acts of God, epidemics, or pandemics.  The club is NOT responsible for these conditions and is under NO OBLIGATION to provide refunds due to temporary interruption or complete cancelation of the soccer season due to acts of war, acts of God, epidemics, or pandemics.  However, the intent of the club is to provide a refund per the Refund Schedule below.  NOTE: Actual refund amounts are contingent on expenses and available funds.  






3 Weeks Prior to the Season

FULL - $15

Admin Fee

Within 3 weeks prior to the Season

FULL - $35

Cancelation Fee (including Admin Fee)

Within the first 2 weeks of the Season


% of Full Amount

Between weeks 1 through 2 of the Season


% of Full Amount

More than 2 weeks into the Season


No Refund


  • The Season is determined by the date of the first scheduled game.


Refunds can only be requested by the members that signed the player up.  Refunds that are awarded will be returned in one of the following ways: 

  1. Credit Card *depending on time of request refund option may only be check refund or donation
  2. Checks – When this option is chosen, you will need to enter the address you would like your check to be sent to. Make sure you enter everything correctly as we don't want to experience any delays.  Please be patient as this transaction may take up to two weeks as checks are only written on a weekly basis and then mailed.  
  3. Donation – When this option is chosen, we ask to enter an active email address if you would like a tax-deduction letter as proof of your donation.