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Jul, 2020

Practice and Fall season plan (Correction)

WBSC Families,

We kicked off our Fall season registration campaign on June 22. This is in anticipation that there will be a Fall season to be played in the City of Chesapeake. As we mentioned in our past "COVID letters", we are following the lead of the City's Parks and Recreation department. They issue the permits we need to use the fields we practice and play on. Those permits have not been issued at this moment. That decision will be made about a few weeks before the season starts (at the earliest). As of the time of this writing, the State is still under the Phase 2 guidance with Phase 3 expected to be activated on July 1. Although Phase 3 allows us a little more leniency in the number of people allowed to gather at once, it still does not permit close contact. For all the information on what Phase 3 will look like visit the "safer at home: phase three" page.

That being said, WBSC has put a page together that provides links to all of the guidelines coaches, staff, and players must follow in order to hold and participate in practices. It is listed under the "Parent Info" tab and is labeled "WBSC COVID-19 Guidelines". That brings us to practices. I recently received a message from a concerned parent about our some of our coaches forgetting how to conduct practice under these guidelines. The board has been in constant contact with our coaches about this. They have been provided all the same guidance that you will find on the page referenced above. Also, we will be posting signage in and around the fields as a reminder to everyone that participates in these practices on what to do and not. It is imperative that we adhere to the guidance given to us. We all need to be doing our part in minimizing the spread of this deadly virus. If you witness our staff and/or coaches not following the guidance that we put forth, please do not hesitate to pull your player from the practice but also contact the board. You are our eyes and ears on those fields and WBSC appreciates you doing your due diligence. We will continue to remind our volunteers about how and why we are to be following our guidelines.

Lastly, I want to talk about the upcoming season. As I mentioned above, we are anticipating on having a Fall season. However, this is contingent on many factors working in favor of holding these activities. There is our state and city governmental mandates that will dictate how we can gather in public places. There's the soccer associations our club operate under and their guidance on holding games. The latter is for insurance purposes. WBSC plans to watch these entities closely to gauge whether a Fall season will be held. Also, we will be holding off on spending the funds collected during registration for services needed to hold practices and host games during the Fall. This means that if we don't have a season, WBSC WILL REFUND ALL OF YOUR MONEY* (minus the $3 registration fee that was charged, we don't receive that). If you have any questions about any of this, contact us.

*CORRECTION* - To do registration on Sports Connect, they charge on two fronts: Members and WBSC. As a member, when we register, there is a flat $3 fee charge at the end of a transaction. However, every time a credit card is used, Sports Connect charges 3.4% of the total. This comes out of WBSC's fees that are charged. Unfortunately, we can't honor the "ALL OF" portion of issuing refunds due to Sport Connect's 3.4% cut. On behalf of the WBSC Board, I'm truly sorry for not being able to execute on what we originally intended. For the members who have already registered at the date of this correction (July 2nd 2020 2:40pm), we will still honor our original offer. Please understand that the rest of our plan is still in place. We will not spend received money on any services until we are confident that a Fall season will take place. Thank you for your time and understanding.

Thank you for choosing to stay a part of our WBSC family. For our newcomers, welcome! On behalf of the WBSC Executive Board, I want to say that we appreciate you and are honored to serve you and your players.

Shawn Frierson
WBSC President